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Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

High performance, cost effective VFDs, ideal for both machines & process control.

Unitronics VFDs offer options for both single and three phase VFDs from 0.4 kW and up to 500 kW.

Unitronics VFDs can be used as a stand-alone product, or as part of a complete All-in-One package with our controllers.

VFD: Easy to Program. Simple to Use

  • EMI Filters, Built-In
  • Broad range of Operating Temperatures
  • Braking units – Built-in
  • Heavy-Duty overload capacity, up to 200%
  • Coated PCBs: minimize dust penetration damage
  • RS485 Modbus RTU fieldbus, Built-in
  • Sensorless control: Vector, Torque, volts per Hz
  • STO (SIL3)
  • Mounting options: Wall, Flange, Rail
  • Optional communication and I/O extension 
  • UL approved, TÜV-SÜD Safety and CE Certified

Unitronics VFDs can be used as a stand-alone product, or within an end-to-end solution: VFD, controller, and HMI.

This simplifies workflow by enabling you to:

  • Obtain your VFDs, PLC + HMI controllers and related components, as well as technical support, from a single supplier.
  • Operate your VFD directly from the controller’s HMI panel
  • Use the same programming software as the PLC control and HMI application, to:
    • Set-up and configure multiple VFDs in a snap
    • Monitor and debug your VFD – either via UniLogic or Scope Trace
    • Remotely Access your VFD via UniLogic software environment
  • Effortless Communication- Simple communication based control . Ensuring your system provides robust operation & minimizing EMI effect.
  • Cost Effective –
    • Energy efficacy
    • Reduce IO modules and cabling costs
    • Short integration & development time

UniLogic – award winning software
now with VFD integration!

  • Dynamic configuration profile
  • Easy to use setup wizard
  • Multi-Motor control
  • Operate directly from UniStream
  • Monitor and debug the VFD via online watch or Scope Trace graph
Unilogic screens

Product Specifications

PowerInput Voltage200-240VAC, Single Phase
380-440VAC, Three Phase
200-240VAC, Single Phase
200-240VAC, Three Phase
380-480VAC, Three Phase
200-240VAC, Three Phase
380-480VAC, Three Phase
Input Frequency50/60Hz
Supported MotorsAsynchronous Induction Motors, Three Phase Input
Asynchronous Induction Motors,
Three Phase Input

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors, Three Phase Input
Overload Capacity150%, 60 seconds
180%, 10 seconds
200%, 1 second
ControlControl MethodSVPWM (Space Vector PWM)
SVC (Sensorless Vector Control)
Control SettingMODBUS, Analog, Digital, PID, Pulse
CommunicationMODBUS RTU RS-485
KeypadFilm Keypad: <4kW (5HP)
Removable: ≥4kW (5HP)
Film Keypad: <4kW (5HP)
Removable: ≥4kW (5HP)
Removable: All power range
InputAnalog InputsTotal 2:
1 input 0-10V,
1 input 0-10V
Total 3:
2 inputs 0-10V, 0-20mA
1 input 0-10V
Digital InputsTotal 5:
4 inputs 1kHz
1 input 50kHz
Total 9:
8 inputs 1kHz
1 input 50kHz
OutputAnalog OutputsUp to 2: 1 output 0-10V,
0-20mA ≤2.2kW/3HP,
2nd output available from >2.2kW/3HP)
2 outputs 0-10V, 0-20mA
Digital Outputs1 output sink/sourceTotal 2: 1 output sink/source,
1 output 50kHz
Relay Outputs
Up to 2:
1 Programmable Multi-functional
2nd output available from
Total 2 Programmable Multi-functional outputs
FeaturesDynamic Braking UnitBuilt-in(≤37kW/50HP)Built-in(≤30kW40HP)
Optional (>37kW/50HP)Optional (>30kW/40HP)
EMCBuilt-in C3 (≥4kW/5HP), Comply with IEC/EN 61800-3Built-in C3, Comply with IEC/EN 61800-3
Optional C3 (<4kW/5HP), Comply with IEC/EN 61800-3
Optional C2, Comply with IEC/EN 61800-3
GeneralOperating Temperature(-10)°C/14°F – 50°C/122°F (de-rated by 1% for every 1°C/2°F above 40°C/104°F)
Altitude2000m/6600 ft (de-rated by 1% for every additional 100m/330ft above 1000m/3300ft)
Enclosure RatingIP20
Mounting OptionsWall and Rail (≤2.2kW/3HP)Wall, Flange
Wall and Flange (>2.2kW/3HP)
Safe Torque Off×
ComplianceCE, TÜV-SUD Safety MarkCE, UL and cUL


UMI-B1 Series - STO- TÜV SÜD certified

Article NumberRated Output Power kWRated Output Power HPInput Voltage
UMI-0004BE-B10.40.5200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0007BE-B10.751200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0015BE-B11.52200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0022BE-B12.23200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0007EE-B10.751380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0015EE-B11.52380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0022EE-B12.23380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0040EE-B145380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0055EE-B15.57.5380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0075EE-B17.510380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0110EE-B11115380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0150EE-B11520380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0185EE-B118.525380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0220EE-B12230380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0300EE-B13040380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0370EE-B13750380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0450EE-B14560380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0550EE-B15575380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0750EE-B175100380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0900EE-B190120380-440V Three Phase
UMI-1100EE-B1110150380-440V Three Phase


UMI- B1 Series - UL Certified

Article NumberRated Output Power kWRated Output Power HPInput Voltage
UMI-0004BU-B10.40.5200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0007BU-B10.751200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0015BU-B11.52200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0022BU-B12.23200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0004CU-B10.40.5200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0007CU-B10.751200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0007EU-B10.751380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0015EU-B11.52380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0022EU-B12.23380-480V Three Phase


UMI-B5 Series - UL Certified

Article NumberRated Output Power kWRated Output Power HPInput Voltage
UMI-0007CU-B50.751200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0015CU-B51.52200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0022CU-B52.23200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0040CU-B545200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0055CU-B55.57.5200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0075CU-B57.510200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0110CU-B51115200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0150CU-B51520200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0185CU-B518.525200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0220CU-B52230200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0300CU-B53040200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0370CU-B53750200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0450CU-B54560200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0550CU-B55575200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0015EU-B51.52380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0022EU-B52.23380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0040EU-B545380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0055EU-B55.57.5380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0075EU-B57.510380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0110EU-B51115380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0150EU-B51520380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0185EU-B518.525380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0220EU-B52230380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0300EU-B53040380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0370EU-B53750380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0450EU-B54560380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0550EU-B55575380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0750EU-B575100380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0900EU-B590120380-480V Three Phase
UMI-1100EU-B5110150380-480V Three Phase


Document Downloads

VFD filters: Installation Guide & Technical Specification

File NameDownload File

User Manuals

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UMI-B5 operation manualDownload


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VFD Optional PartsDownload