VisiLogic Software: Vision & Samba Programmable Controllers by Unitronics



VisiLogic for Vision and Samba Series

Easily build applications: Drag & Drop

All-in-One software enables you to:

  • Develop your PLC, HMI, VFD and Servo applications in one programming environment
  • Configure Hardware & Communications
  • Establish modem and data communications
  • Test and debug your programs
  • Software Utilities Suite: remote access and data management tools

Control your application remotely from everywhere  and anytime!

Unitronics Added Value:

  • All Unitronics software & utilities—plus updates—provided at no charge.
  • Personalized Tech Support & Support Forum membership—provided at no charge.

After programming several other brands of PLCs, Unitronics’ software is by far the most intuitive and easily understood while providing significant functionality and quality...

Dan Murphy, Owner of Marathon Bottling and Automation

VisiLogic - the Video

This short clip gives you a quick overview of VisiLogic Hardware and Communication configuration, and introduces you to the Ladder and HMI editors.

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Version Changes & Bug Reports

File nameDownload file
Version ChangesDownload

Previous Versions

VersionDownload file
VisiLogic Version 9.8.96Download
Looking for other versions?Email Support

Swapper Versions

SwapperDownlaod file
VisiLogic Swapper V9.3.1.zipDownload
VisiLogic Swapper Download
VisiLogic Swapper V8.6.3.zipDownload
VisiLogic Swapper Download
VisiLogic Swapper Download
VisiLogic Swapper Download
VisiLogic Swapper Download
VisiLogic Swapper Download

Software Utilities

Our Utilities Suite boosts your Vision application reach with remote control from PC, data log harvesting, and manipulation, a complete suite to manage SD cards and data, the ability to install  secure, encrypted VisiLogic applications from a local or remote PCs, a licensing utility to protect your intellectual property, plus .Net, OPC and DDE tools.

Download Software Utilities

Utility NameFunctionKey FeaturesTargeted UsersDownload
Remote Access V9.8.19View and control a PLC directly from PC, via local or remote connection• View an HMI panel; use the PC keyboard + mouse to run the HMI application
• Operand and Data Table values: view values during runtime, import and export values to/from Excel/.csv files
• Operators requiring Remote Access
• System integrators: remote debugging, troubleshooting, fault-finding
Remote Operator V1.0.95Simultaneously view and operate the HMI panels of multiple PLCs in multiple locations• Easily place HMI panels side-by-side to monitor distributed systems, or applications in several locations
• Run the HMI applications via PC keyboard + mouse
• Control room operators
• Installation Managers
DataXport V3.1.27Create Data Logs from Data Tables and operand values in PLCS• Harvest data from multiple PLCs on demand or according to time/date.
• Export the data to Excel/.csv files.
• Automatically email files.
• Data analysts
• Plant managers
• Process engineers
UniDownloader V5.0.B30Create compressed VisiLogic / U90Ladder applications (.udc files) for secure installation in local or remote PLCs• Prevent end-users from uploading and opening the application
• Include an OS to be installed at download
Set a Download channel, restrict end-user actions after installation and more
OEMs / System Integrators can:
• Protect source code.
• Enable customers to install an application without using VisiLogic or U90Ladder
Download Manager V1.0.46

Securely install .udc applications in local or remote PLCs• Download Manager: installs the same application in multiple PLCs.
• UniDownloader: installs an application in a single PLC.
OEMs / System Integrators in installations with high security requirements
SD Card Suite V2.0.70Remotely access and manage SD cards and their data• Browse a remote PLC’s SD card.
• Read/write data, including Data Table files
View SD card contents - Trends, logs, alarm history, data tables - export to Excel
• Data analysts
• Plant managers
• Process engineers
UniVision Licensing V1.0.10Safeguard your PLC application security• Embeds unique licenses in the PLC, which enables application to run only on a licensed PLC
• Option to activate or deactivate different sections of your application
• Prevents theft of applications
• System integrators
• OEMs
UniOPC Server V2.0.19PExchange data between Unitronics PLCs and OPC-supported software• Create channel to connect PLCs to SCADA
systems, such as plant control rooms
• Compliant with the OPC foundation standards
• Control room operators
UniDDE V1.3.7Exchange data with Windows based applications• Enables data exchange between Unitronics PLC’s and software that supports Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Exchange protocols, like Excel.Control rooms operators

Programming tools for developers

Unitronics PCOM ProtocolThis describes the telegrams used to communicate data between PC and PLC.
ActiveX Communication DriverThis zip file contains an ActiveX .dll file that can be used to implement SCADA. UnCmDrv1.dll file contains methods and properties for invoking the PLC, read / write, locally or remotely, implementation examples, and an explanation of accessing Data Tables.
.NET driverThis zip file includes the compiled .NET driver ,communication examples and Driver Source Code.
.NET Communication DriveExplains how to use the driver, includes use cases.
Unitronics ComConfig Lite

Communication configuration user control for .NET drivers
Unitronics Data Table DLLRead the structure and values of your data tables using your own code.
Unitronics Remote OperatorBuild your own remote operator user control
Listener Server ExampleMulti connection server example
Unitronics SD Card Explorer LiteBuild your own SD Card Explorer using this custom control
Driver for Mini USB (RS232)
"V1040/V1210 & V570 (with USB) Only!
The USB port supports only OS and project download.
Before you can use the port, you must install your PC with a USB driver and set a PC COM port."

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