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Product Cybersecurity Advisory

At Unitronics, we prioritize the security of your automation systems. This page brings together resources and timely advisories to equip you with the knowledge and tools to protect your Unitronics products against known vulnerabilities. By staying informed and implementing available mitigation measures, you can ensure ongoing operational integrity and safeguard your valued data.

Basic ICS Cybersecurity Guidelines

  • All industrial automation equipment must be protected by network
    equipment with “Firewall” functionality
  • Avoid the usage of Port-Forwarding / NAT that exposes industrial automation equipment to an unauthorized connection. Use VPN secure remote access, recommended to use 2FA
  • Separate the OT from the IT
  • Don’t allow “Remote Management” on the network equipment
  • Make sure that the industrial automation equipment uses the latest software
    and firmware versions provided by the vendor
  • It’s recommended to use Unitronics UCR family products as network access equipment

Unitronics Cybersecurity for UniStream PLC Series

Visit our dedicated page for Unitronics UniStream PLC Series.

Unitronics Cybersecurity for Vision & Samba PLC Series

Visit our page for Unitronics Vision & Samba PLC Series.

2023-001Unauthenticated network access1.0
2016-001Stack-based buffer overflow1.0
2015-003Heap-based buffer overflow in VisiLogic1.0
2015-002ActiveX control allows remote execution code1.0
2015-001ActiveX control access is not restricted1.0
2011-001UniOPC IP*Works! SSL1.0