As part of Unitronics' values, we are happy to support the academy and education.
Unitronics is pleased to donate products to support and promote these goals.

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Previous donations

Central Career & Technical High School

Unitronics recently made a donation to Central Career & Technical High School in Erie, Pennsylvania.  The donation provided six Vision570s and I/O  for the school’s STEM Electrical Engineering Technology program. This program teaches students the electronic principles and technical skills they need to produce, calibrate, test, assemble, install, and maintain electronic equipment.

Electronics instructor, Ralph Bardo, already has big plans for the new PLCs, including using them in the SkillsUSA competition–they have already won gold at the state level twice, Bardo now hopes to win at the national level.  The units will also be installed at student work benches and incorporated in school-wide projects, such as Tech the Halls.  Bardo says that all these applications “reflect the main objective of career and technical education, to compliment the grey area of academics with the related “hands on” experience, resulting in a much greater way of learning.”


To learn more about Central Career & Technical High School visit their website.

Sacramento’s mechanical engineering program

Unitronics recently donated a Vision700 PLC+HMI to a group of of seniors in California State University, Sacramento’s mechanical engineering program. Team Meet the Press, as they call themselves, was building a composite lamination press. This system uses heat and pressure to bond the materials in the laminates. Combining pressure and temperature yields fully completed parts within minutes, while traditional autoclave and other such processes take days to produce parts of lesser quality and surface finish. Team Meet the Press needed a powerful PLC to ensure this high-quality result.

The system pressure is maintained within 30psi accuracy from 325 to 2500 psi. This corresponding output force can translate, depending on the area of the part being produced, to a maximum of hundreds of thousands of pounds! The temperature control is also very tight, to within a few degrees of accuracy up to and above 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jacob Spivak explains how Unitronics’ Vision700 made this accuracy possible, saying “the PLC programming was very straightforward, even for our group which had absolutely no experience with any ladder type language. Questions were answered by tech support with great swiftness, accuracy, and courtesy. Overall the experience was very pleasurable and positive. We can’t recommend Unitronics more!!!”

To learn more about Meet the press project visit their website

Lambton College’s Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technology (ICET) program

For the past two years, students in Lambton College’s Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technology (ICET) program, located in Sarnia, Southern Ontario, Canada. Have been using Unitronics UniStream PLC+HMI hardware and UniLogic software for their capstone projects.

The modular, all-in-one UniStream systems have eliminated many of challenges students used to face, offering easy-to-use, built-in programming features. For example, data can be captured and stored simply by inserting an SD card, as well as logged and displayed on the HMI screen.

The combined features of the Unitronics PLC system have been invaluable to the training of the College’s ICET students. The integrated PLC and HMI controller is highly efficient, streamlining I/o and ladder programming, HMI design, and communications configuration.

Rockwood Summit High School

For the last four years, the students of Rockwood Summit High School in Missouri have developed and grown a program to process biodiesel fuel. In 2012 with the help of our local distributor, Joseph Tauser & Associates, Unitronics donated a Vision570™ to the lab.

Using the PLC, the students were able to automate the process and monitor it from the classroom. The students have remained committed to expanding; they were recently awarded a $100,000 donation from the Monsanto Company to build a dedicated facility for the biodiesel program.  They broke ground on the new Monsanto Education Center for Sustainable Solutions in June of 2014. RSHS teacher, Darrin Peters, was awarded a Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators for his work implementing and developing the biodiesel program. Unitronics is proud to support such dedicated students and educators.

Cerritos College

Cerritos College, Norwalk, CA, was awarded a product donation through the Unitronics education donation program. This donation included 18 V350 PLCs and a range of expansion I/O. Using these units, engineering students at Cerritos can gain hands-on experience configuring and programming PLCs.

Professor Miodrag “Mickey” Micic, Department Chair of the Department of Engineering Design Technology, said that “with this donation, the New Products Development, Engineering Technology and Engineering Design Technology students will be able to learn hands-on, state-of-the-art industrial automation programming and developing of an intelligent and interconnected machines and equipment. For example, some of the OPLC controllers and HMI we got as a donation can be networked to communicate with distant other equipment, and to communicate with users not only by having a touch screen but in many different ways-by sending and receiving cell phone text messages, or by remotely being controlled through the web.”

Unitronics stands behind our commitment to providing future generations of automation engineers and PLC programmers with the resources they need to learn and build their skill sets.