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Unitronics® Range of PLCs
From Complex Machines to Simple PLC Control

1. UniStream® Series Programmable Controllers

For easy execution of challenging, complex projects.

Powerful, sophisticated, award-winning UniStream PLCs are available in three series:

  • UniStream Modular All-in-One Customized Controllers: select the size HMI panel you need, plug in a CPU, snap on I/O & COM modules to match your requirements.
  • UniStream Built-in All-in-One Controllers: the PLC, HMI, and I/Os are built into a single unit
  • UniStream PLCs with Virtual HMI: these PLC + I/O controllers support HMI applications—access it via your mobile
  • UniStream Cloud series—the first PLC with built-in cloud services. This series comes with an embedded subscription for cloud. No monthly fee or any additional purchase of hardware or software is needed- connect and go!

UniStream is programmed with UniLogic, award-winning single-environment programming software that can slash programming time by as much as 50%.

Main Features

  • I/O options include digital, analog, high-speed, temperature & weight measurement
  • Expand up to 2,048 I/Os
  • Ports: Ethernet, CANbus, USB host & device Audio, additional COM modules for RS232/RS485
  • Communication: Ethernet IP, Web server, e-mail & SMS, GPRS, TCP/IP, MODBUS, CANopen, UniCAN, BACnet and M-Bus via gateway
  • Advanced COM support: Webserver, SMS & email, GPRS modem, SNMP, FTP, SQL, MQTT
  • Remote Access via VNC
  • Media support: .pdf, Video, RTSP, Audio Jack

2. Vision Series Programmable controllers

For Advanced Machines & Automation Projects.

Unitronics’ Vision series is an award-winning series that offers a full range of all-in-one Programmable Logic Controllers with integrated HMI panels. With options ranging from a palm-sized PLC up to a 12.1-inch touchscreen PLC+HMI and support for 1000 I/O points, the Vision series has something for everyone.

Vision is programmed with VisiLogic, the single, easy-to-use software environment for Ladder Logic, HMI design, and communication configuration.

Main Features:

  • I/O options include digital, analog, high-speed, temperature & weight measurement
  • Expand up to 1,000 I/Os
  • Ports: Ethernet, CANbus, USB programming, RS232/RS485
  • Communication: TCP/IP, MODBUS, CANopen, UniCAN, BACnet and M-Bus via gateway
  • Advanced COM support: Web server, SMS & email, GPRS/GSM, SNMP

3. Samba Series Programmable Controllers

Samba – For Small Machines.

Need a full-function control solution for a relatively simple application, but don’t want to compromise on the user interface or blow your budget? The Samba PLC+HMI from Unitronics could be the solution you need; this all-in-one Programmable Logic Controller has an integrated touchscreen, measuring 3.5, 4.3, or 7-inches, and onboard I/O in six possible configurations.  The Samba offers features to compete with high-end PLCs, like a range of supported communication protocols, data logging and Trend capabilities, and a built-in alarm management system, but it’s priced more like a push-button or smart relay system.  Since Unitronics provides programming software and technical support complimentary to all users, nothing beats the price to performance ratio of the Samba All-in-One PLC+HMI.

Main Features:

  • I/O options include digital, analog, high-speed and temperature
  • Ports: RS232 for 3.5″ model, USB for 4.3″ & 7″
  • Communication: TCP/IP, MODBUS, CANopen, UniCAN, BACnet
  • Advanced COM support: SMS & email, GPRS/GSM

4. Jazz® and M91™ Programmable Controllers

Jazz® and M91™ – For simple PLC control—with text-only HMI + keypad.

Finding a reliable, cost-effective PLC and HMI can be the hardest part of an otherwise simple automation project. Unitronics Jazz and M91 series are here to make sure simple projects stay simple. These Programmable Logic Controllers have onboard I/O, built-in text-display HMIs, and complimentary software and technical support. Everything you need for a simple, self-contained automation project comes included with a Jazz or M91 All-in-One PLC at one affordable price.

Main Features:

  • I/O options include digital, analog, high-speed, temperature & weight measurement*
  • Ports: RS232/RS485*
  • Communication: MODBUS, CANbus*
  • Advanced COM support: SMS via GSM

* For M91 only


Unitronics complete line of AC Servo Drives and Motors challenges and changes the traditional and complicated approach to Motion Control. Seamlessly supported by Unitronics’ controllers, you use only one integrated software environment to configure, set up, and design all the components of your complete motion application: PLC, HMI, Servo, VFD, and I/O. The offering includes 1 and 3-phase drives and motors, operating at a wide power range of 50W to 5,000W (0.06-6.7 HP) to suit any machine size, with robust, high-resolution built-in serial encoders (absolute: 23-bit, incremental: 20-bit), IP65

Main Features:

  • Drives: 1 and 3-phase, robotic cables available
  • Wide servo power range: 50W to 5,000W (0.06-6.7 HP)
  • Motors: to suit any machine size: robust, built-in high-resolution serial encoders (absolute: 23-bit , incremental: 20-bit), IP65
  • CANopen built-in: EtherCAT: available soon

6. VFDs

Unitronics VFDs can be used as a stand-alone product, or as part of a complete All-in-One package with our controller series UniStream®, Vision™ and Samba

This simplifies workflow by enabling you to:

  • Obtain your VFDs, PLC + HMI controllers and related components, as well as technical support, from a single supplier.
  • Operate your VFD directly from the controller’s HMI panel
  • Use the same programming software as the PLC control and HMI application, to:
    • Set-up and configure multiple VFDs in a snap
    • Monitor and debug your VFD – either via UniLogic or Scope Trace
    • Remotely Access your VFD via UniLogic

VFD Main Features:

  • Options for both single and three phase VFDs from 0.4 kW and up to 110 kW
  • Built-in EMC Filters
  • Mounting options: Wall, Flange, or Rail
  • Sensorless Vector and Torque control, STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • Built-in Braking units,
  • Remote Access: monitor & debug your VFD via Scope Trace
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