Cultivate with Unitronics



Automate With Unitronics To Grow The Best Crops

Our award-winning automation products can make your green dream a reality –
Grow quality hothouse crops in quantity, while avoiding errors that can damage plants.

Budding Ambitions

Regardless of the type of crop you grow or if you cultivate on a large or small scale, you want to cultivate top-quality produce in substantial amounts. At the same time, you want to avoid errors that could damage your crop.

The Best Quality Produce In The Biggest Possible Quantity.
Automating your cultivation allows you to grow consistently excellent produce from seed to harvest. With Unitronics’ all-in-one solution for greenhouse control, you will have all you need to control and automate production. Our cultivation solution is comprised of PLC + HMI, I/O, VFD, and programming software.

What Does It Automate?

Light & Dark – Photoperiod ControlLight and Dark
Controlled automation of the dark cycle optimizes the conditions for growing resilient and healthy plants.
* Controlling the Daily Light Integral (DLI) accelerates healthy plant growth.

Climate ControlClimate Control
* CO2 control enables your plants to thrive by controlling carbon dioxide concentration.
* Humidity control by automatic ventilation avoids ‘damping off’ at the seedling stage and mold that can damage your plants.
* Temperature control strictly enforces ideal conditions, day and night, to stimulate plant growth while avoiding fungus and mold.

Irrigation / FertigationIrrigation

Automatic scheduling: At the right time, in the right amount—never an error!
Sensors: Use feedback to automatically check soil and growth medium, perfectly control nutrients and pH, and monitor reservoir level
Data: Use Unitronics’ advanced data tools to collect data, and implement pre-determined grow recipes according to stages of plant development

Energy Use – Be GreenEnergy Use - Be Green

Ventilation, HVAC – Use VFDs to reduce energy demands and save on operating costs.
VFDs efficiently control motors, while simultaneously keeping environmental conditions incredibly close to set-points.

24/7 Connectivity With Your Greenhouse

Remote Access:PLC connectivity
Monitor your operation via web browser from your PC, tablet, or mobile phone
Alarms & Alerts – Built-in:
Catch problems early! Unitronics’ built-in Alarms alert you via email or SMS text message, according to your pre-defined rules
Cloud Connectivity:
Leverage your operation via Industry 4.0 or IOT technologies such
as MQTT, SQL or with UniCloud, Unitronics no-code IIOT platform.