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UniLogic® for UniStream®

Award-winning software that slashes your development time by 50%

UniLogic® Studio is All-in-One software for PLC, HMI, I/O, VFDs, and Servo.

Powerfully efficient, UniLogic’s ergonomic design enables you to rapidly develop all project aspects: Hardware and Communication configuration, Motion, Ladder, and HMI applications.

Built-in, context-sensitive editors enable you to write Ladder or C functions, configure and implement servo Motion, create beautiful HMI screens and interactive web pages, instantly translate them from Italian to Chinese, easily track data and display it live via Trends and gauges or export it to Excel, raise multi-level Alarms and send notification via SMS or email and run Recipes. With UniLogic, you can conveniently configure and implement a broad range of industrial fieldbus and IT protocols—and easily integrate IIoT/Cloud technology into your solutions.

Unitronics Added Value

  • All Unitronics software & utilities—plus updates—provided at no charge.
  • Personalized Tech Support & Support Forum membership—provided at no charge.

The biggest advantage was the intuitive, integrated UniLogic® environment for ladder and HMI programming...

Janko Risojevic, JimTim d.o.o

UniLogic® Top Features

UniLogic Studio provides a unified environment for hardware and communication configuration, Motion, Ladder, and HMI applications—
and enables you to enter the world of IIoT via the UniCloud IIoT platform


UniCloud: your no-code IIoT Cloud Platform

IIoT perfected for OEMs & Machine Builders—enter the Cloud without programmers or cloud professionals. Build customized Dashboards using secure, scalable UniCloud


Motion: Servos, Motors, PLC, HMI, VFDs

Instant, seamless hardware integration, totally transparent communications, automatic setup—plus free, Ready-Made Motion code. Get moving immediately – No programming needed

speed ladder prog

Speed Ladder + "C" Power

Build your Ladder: drag/drop/snap elements into place, error-free. Write C code with the built-in editor. Create UDFBs for repetitive tasks.



Use IT technologies to enable your Controller to bridge the gap between OT and IT—from the production floor up to the MES.


Routers and Modems

Use Unitronics routers and modems to enable secure access to your controllers


Structs: Smart Tags

Build your Ladder: drag/drop/snap elements into place, error-free. Write C code with the built-in editor. Create UDFBs for repetitive tasks.


Industrial Fieldbus Communications

Communication via Configuration.
Incredibly fast & easy to implement, data communications are independent of Ladder. Plug & Play EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, MODBUS TCP/RTU, CANopen, BACnet Server, Hart, and more


Build-it-Once, then Reuse

Add UDFBs (User Defined Function Blocks), HMI screens, & Web Pages to the Library. Drag & drop anywhere—UniLogic does the tags.  Use Library across projects.


Remote Access—plus Notifications to your Mobile

Access UniStream via any VNC application from PC, cellphone, or tablet. Built-in Web Server enables secure remote monitoring & data editing. Send event notifications via email and SMS text messages.


Communicate with any Device

Message Composer: datacom via any Ethernet, CANbus/serial 3rd -party protocol. Also supports CAN Layer 2, FTP Client/Server, SMS, email, GSM/GPRS.

Design HMI display

HMI & Web Pages—You, as Artist

Elegant design via drag & drop graphics, user controls, & widgets to design screens. Display running Trend graphs & Gauges, .pdfs, play audio, & stream video.

power data

Power Data Tools

SQL Client: Connection to MS SQL Server or MySQL & Send Queries. Data Sampler: record time-sensitive dynamic data such as output values; display in Trend graphs. Data Tables: log/manipulate data via Ladder, execute Recipes.

build-in alarms

Built-in Alarm System

Accords with ISA 18.2 guidelines for Alarm systems. Operators can detect, analyze, & act on Alarms. Export log via FTP, send via email, or to a DOK.


Communication via Configuration

Incredibly fast & easy to implement, data communications are independent of Ladder. Plug & Play MODBUS, CANopen, SNMP, EtherNet/IP.


Languages: Italian to Chinese

Supports any language that you can type—including Asian languages like Korean. Instantly switch HMI language via user actions or program events.

UniLogic® - the Video

See the Simplicity:

  • Built-in editors for Ladder & C
  • HMI screen & Web page design
  • Translate from Italian to Chinese
  • Data Tools/Trends & Gauges/Recipes
  • Multi-level Alarms
  • COM protocols – via configuration

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Version Changes & Bug Reports

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Previous Versions

File nameDownload file
UniLogic Version 1.33.236Download
UniLogic Version 1.33.210Download
UniLogic Version 1.32.146Download
UniLogic Version 1.32.98Download
UniLogic Version 1.32.61Download
UniLogic Version 1.31.177Download
UniLogic Version 1.31.170Download
UniLogic Version 1.31.125Download
UniLogic Version 1.31.116Download
UniLogic Version 1.31.106Download
UniLogic Version 1.30.62Download
UniLogic Version 1.30.58Download
UniLogic Version 1.30.52Download
UniLogic Version 1.29.111Download
UniLogic Version 1.28.34Download
UniLogic Version 1.28.26Download
UniLogic Version 1.26.90Download
UniLogic Version 1.25.61Download
UniLogic Version 1.25.56Download
UniLogic Version 1.24.56Download
UniLogic Version 1.23.25Download
UniLogic Version 1.22.13Download
UniLogic Version 1.21.51Download
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Software Utilities

The UniStream Data Converters Suite is a PC application that includes a number of utilities for performing quick and easy data conversions.

Software Utilities

Utility NameFunctionKey FeaturesTargeted UsersDownload
Unistream Data Converters Suite
PC application that includes a number of utilities for performing quick and easy data conversions•UniStream and Vision Trend files to PDF
•UniStream Data Table files to Excel
•Excel file to a UniStream Data Table file
•UniStream Trend file (Data Sampler) file to Excel
•UniStream Alarm log to an Excel
• Data analysts
• Plant managers
• Process engineers
• Control room operators
• Installation Managers

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