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Can simple solutions control complex applications?

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Tesan Elektrik, based in Turkey, has over thirty years of experience providing production and engineering solutions for the industrial automation sector. They distribute a wide line of automation products, including Unitronics PLC+HMI controllers, and the also offer engineering solutions, including consultancy, implementation and technical support. One solution that they were able to provide using Unitronics PLCs was for an OEM producing oxygen and nitrogen generators.

Before switching to Unitronics, this OEM was using a competitors PLC on two different machines with a range of sensors and several different working modes per machine; they needed as many as eighteen different programs to make the entire system run. Using Unitronics all-in-one PLCs, Tesan was able to create one program that would run both machines with the ability to change specific options as needed.  The machines are able to an Oxygen purity of up to 95% and a Nitrogen purity of 99%.

Additionally, the Unitronics PLC that Tesan selected for the project, the Vision570 programmable logic controller- has an integrated 5.7-inch color touchscreen HMI. Tesan was able to design attractive HMI displays that upgraded the appearance of the machine, while making operating it simple.  Faruk Caba describes Tesan’s success, saying “With the simplicity of programing and wide variety of Unitronics products, we can now offer our clients a better looking yet simpler solution.  Thanks to Unitronics our production runs smoother than before.”



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