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How can you reduce wiring for a control system? Use All-in-One PLC+HMI

Industry - Air Treatment, Miscellaneous

Summary: Tesan Elektric has a long history of providing industrial automation solutions.  They specified and implemented the Unitronics Jazz PLC+HMI to control industrial air dryers.  The all-in-one design of this PLC offered complete control with reduced wiring.

Tesan Elektrik, based in Turkey, has over thirty years of experience providing production and engineering solutions for the industrial automation sector. They distribute a wide line of automation products, including Unitronics PLC+HMI controllers, and the also offer engineering solutions, including consultancy, implementation and technical support. One of the projects they implemented using Unitronics was for air treatment systems.

Tesan was working with a company that produces chemical air dryers.  In order to simplify the control system and reduce the wiring needed, Tesan used a Jazz PLC controller with HMI from Unitronics; this PLC has 16 onboard I/O points and an integrated HMI panel with a text display and keypad.  Using the analog inputs, they were able to monitor the air dryer and display the values on the HMI.  They were also able to adjust maintenance times and settings.  Faruk Caba of Tesan explains, “the Jazz offered a low cost solution for analog control and data display and, thanks to the all-in-one concept, the customer was able to save on wiring.”

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