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How can integrators provide top of the line industrial solutions at an unbeatable? Integrated PLC+HMI control systems!

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Summary: Shemeck has years of experience helping their customers find the right industrial automation solutions; they rely on Unitronics all-in-one PLCs with integrated HMI to provide excellent, responsive control platforms.  Unitronics’ wide range of products and complimentary software and utilities allows Shemeck to find the best solution for every project at an affordable price.


Shemeck is a Polish company with years of experience in the industrial automation field.  The specialize in the design and implementation of industrial applications, offering services including customizing and programming unique solutions and delivery and sourcing of necessary hardware.  They often use Unitronics programmable logic controller (PLC+HMI) units to provide powerful control for their automation solutions.

One project that Shemeck implemented Unitronics for was an application for data visualization from a 15kV switchgear; they used a Vision130 PLC with integrated HMI to collect data on the state of the switches in the switchgear. The control collects information regarding the status of the switches, collecting 24VDC .  The control then triggers visualization using a color-coded system—Green for on, red for off, and orange if the status needs to be confirmed.  Changes in the switch state are indicated on Vision130 programmable logic controller built in HMI and must be confirmed by the station’s operator.  All of these actions, the change in the switch and the operator’s confirmation, is recorded and stored in a database.  The PLC also collects information from the alarm switchboard, which is also visible in the main window.

Writing this application required an object-oriented programming environment, WinDev, as well as the .Net library provided by Unitronics in order to have the data collected and processed by the PLC be easily accessed and monitored from a PC; namely Shemeck wanted the switch visualization window to be minimizable on a Windows taskbar, but automatically maximize the window in case of switch changes to ensure the user would be notified immediately.  These events are also logged into a database; Przemysław Oleszczak of Shemeck says, “One of the strengths of the application is that it is also able to use free database programming environment shipped with a HyperFileSQL.”  Unitronics also offered a .Net library in a simple way allows to communicate with the controller via Ethernet or serial ports, using ReadOperands and WriteOperands.  The .Net library supports a range of other features to support data tables and SD card functionality. Oleszczak says of working with Unitronics “The PLC + HMI + I/O in on unit reduces time for programming and significantly reduces costs.”

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