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How can All-in-One PLC ensure impeccable quality control?

Industry - Automotive

Unitronics Vision350 PLC with a 3.5″ ouchscreen at TAB d.o.o

Summary: TAB d.o.o. manufactures batteries for the automotive industry; one of their goals is to provide product with 100% quality assurance.  They implemented a QA machine controlled by a Unitronics PLC+HMI to measure the batteries’ poles to ensure that there are no imperfections in the product.  With a range of I/O options and fast communications, the PLC was able to control the machine, monitor the readings and eliminate faulty product.

TAB d.o.o. is an automotive parts manufacturer headquartered in Slovenia, operating three factories with 900 employees. They produce a range of lead-acid batteries, as well as offering pre- and post-sale service, including battery recycling.  TAB is dedicated to providing the best product possible.

To achieve this goal, TAB wanted to be able to ensure 100% quality control.  The poles of automotive batteries are produced in a lead casting process; if the casting products are the improper shape, due to a material inhomogeneity for example, the battery won’t work correctly.  TAB incorporated a machine that measures the poles and eliminates product that does not meet the required dimensions.

“The processor and communication speed are extraordinary according to the PLC range.”

This machine is controlled by a Unitronics Vision350- programmable logic controller integrated with a 3.5″ color touchscreen.  The PLC communicates with laser scanners, controls two servo axis and pneumatic valves, signals a serving robot and monitors various sensors.  The model TAB selected, the V350-35-T38, has 22 digital inputs and 16 transistor outputs, so it was more than capable of handling all these processes.  TAB added an Ethernet port, enabling them to communicate using both Ethernet UDP and Modbus TCP, achieving a sample rate of approximately 350 samples per second.

Not only was Unitronics Vision350 a powerful solution, because it has a compact, all-in-one design.  TAB was able to use a small control cabinet without compromising functionality.  They were also able to monitor and control the PLC locally via the integrated 3.5-inch color-touchscreen.  Mr. Martin Rebula of TAB says of the Vision350, “The processor and communication speed are extraordinary according to the PLC range.”  Moreover, if they ever have questions or complications, Unitronics offers “prompt and excellent support” free of charge.


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