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Unitronics honored by Frost & Sullivan

Product Line Strategy Leadership Award!

Unitronics’ programmable controllers have been honored by Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards for 2016.

The prestigious award for Global Advanced PLC Product Line Strategy Leadership was given after Frost & Sullivan conducted an in-depth review of Unitronics products in relation to the dynamic, competitive market that challenges PLC manufacturers.

Frost & Sullivan based its award on a number of aspects including:

  • Breadth– Unitronics offers 3 major product series: Samba, Vision, and UniStream. Each series is designed to address a different range of application needs in a range of industry sectors, such as packaging, food and beverage processing, water treatment, oil and gas, textiles, and printing.
  • Technology Leverage– All of Unitronics’ PLC + HMI controller product series incorporate several leading-edge technologies, such as the Internet of Industrial things (IoIT). The product series are sold along with unified, all-in-one software environments for programming the PLC, designing the HMI screens, and configuring hardware and communications. This provides a seamless experience for Unitronics’ customers and end users throughout the life of the product. All product lines support a range of Ethernet, CANbus, and serial communication protocols, as well as GSM/GPRS modems. In addition, all series may be remotely accessed, enabling end users to control and manage production processes from anywhere in the world.
  • Customer Purchase Experience– Unitronics provides a wide choice of advanced PLC solutions to match the needs of end users from different industries who require different features, at a competitive price.
  • Customer service experience – F&S positively rated Unitronics policy of personalized service from pre-sale consult, to sales support, to post-installation technical support. F&S also noted successful long-term customer retention, customization services, and the global distribution network that enables local support for the company’s products in the customer’s language.
  • Brand Equity – the proven track record of Unitronics controllers in a multitude of applications in diverse industries over a period of 25 years. This resulted in Samba, Vision, and UniStream programmable controllers being voted “Engineer’s Choice, Integrated HMI Controllers” by the readership of “Control Engineering” in 2013, 2014 and 2015, while UniLogic, the software environment for UniStream, was voted an honorable mention in 2015.

Unitronics is honored by this award – which strengthens the company’s commitment to raising the bar of excellence.

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