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Here's a quick view of Unitronics PLC range

In the age of fierce competition, Unitronics customers benefit from a broad range of PLCs, from micro-PLC + HMI devices for simple machine control, to complex controllers with advanced functions, a variety of onboard IOs and multiple communication options – including support for Industry 4.0/smart factory technology.

Unitronics produces four lines of PLC + HMI All-in-One controllers:

1. UniStream

For large scale applications – expand up to 2048 I/O.

A powerful PLC with incredible HMI features and a built-in webserver.

Completely modular and scalable hardware – select a color touch-panel of the desired dimensions, snap on a CPU, and snap on I/Os to create a configuration that suits your application.

Remote Access via VNC.

***UniStream is available with multi-touch panels.


2. Vision

For small to mid-size applications & automation projects – expand up to 1000 I/O.

Vision PLC + HMI controllers range from palm-sized controllers with onboard I/O to large-screen controllers with snap-in I/O which you can mix-and-match according to your application needs.

Remote Access via Remote Operator app for mobile.


3. Samba

For small machine control (not expandable).

A perfect fit for any small machine or simple project that requires a true PLC controller and a high-resolution HMI color touch screen.

Remote Access via Remote Operator app for mobile.


4. Jazz and M91

For simple control. Full-function PLCs with onboard I/Os and a built-in textual 2-line HMI panel, specifically designed to control small machines and simple-to-medium automation tasks.

Compact, economical – low-budget control without compromising on features.

** M91 is expandable, Jazz is not.

UniStream, Vision, Samba, Jazz, and M91 have won multiple trade awards in both Europe and the USA.

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