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UniStream Multi-touch Takes Home Top Prize!

Grand Winner of 2018 Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Awards

Unitronics is proud to announce that the UniStream Multi-touch programmable logic controller is the Grand Winner of the 2018 Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Awards.
The Engineers’ Choice Awards honor the top new control, instrumentation, and automation products, as voted by end-users. With over 80 finalists spanning more than 25 product categories, Unitronics faced tough competition from some of the leading names in the automation industry.

In order to clinch the Grand Winner title, the UniStream Multi-touch received the most votes of any finalist in any category. Unitronics is incredibly honored by this vote of confidence from our users and we hope to continue inspiring similar enthusiasm with every new product we offer.

The UniStream Multi-touch is an innovative programmable logic controller with an integrated 10.4-inch multi-touch HMI panel. Multi-touch technology allows users to incorporate gestures familiar from consumer devices; they can swipe between screen, pinch and zoom, or use long-touch to preview information. Multi-touch technology also enables two handed gestures that improve operational safety; for example, the machine builder can require the machine operator to press two buttons on the HMI simultaneously to start a machine or process, reducing the risk of user error or inadvertent activation.

Unitronics’ strategy  when developing products is to study market trends and review user feedback in order to create innovative new controllers that fill a real need in the market.  Winning this Engineers’ Choice Award confirms that we are succeeding at this goal.
Unitronics strives to provide the best possible user experience and industry-leading customer service.  We are honored by the consistent, strong support from our end-users.

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