2018- Roundup

2018: Year of innovation!


Our dedication to our customers requires our R&D to stay at the front lines of technology. This commitment has driven us to a year of solid achievements! Read on to learn about Unitronics major releases this year – a summary of Unitronics 2018.

Products & Features:

VFDs - Moving your Control Forward

Early this year we launched a full line of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)Our new VFD line integrates with our existing lines of controllers: UniStream®, Vision™ and Samba™. This addition simplifies workflow by enabling customers to obtain VFDs, PLCs, and HMIs from a single supplier, program them all in a single software, and receive support from the same team throughout a project.

UniStream® Remote I/Os - Expanding over Ethernet

Greatly expands the reach of UniStream, the award-winning PLC + HMI controller series. The new line comprises an Ethernet-based Remote I/O adapter and a broad range of Remote I/O modules:

  • Two Ethernet ports per adapter
  • Daisy-chain up to 8 adapters per controller
  • Up to 63 I/O modules per adapter
  • Slim modules: 12mm wide
  • 16-bit Analog Resolution
  • Operating temperature range: -40° to 70°C

UniStream® 7" Built-in

New member of the UniStream Built-in family of PLC+HMI+I/O.

Multi-function programmable logic controller in a superbly compact hardware profile: PLC+HMI+I/O built into a single unit with a 7″ resistive color touch-screen.


Another piece of the Industry 4.0.

  • One of the leading protocols in IIOT -extremely light footprint
  • Uniquely matches the demands of industrial control systems
  • Collects data from various devices and supplies it to the IT infrastructure
  • ‘Cloud’ data provides multiple advantages—boosts production speed, improves accuracy, and can reduceproduction line downtime
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We are eagerly anticipating 2019!

The coming year will bring more than ever before.

Happy New Year!

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