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Programmable Controllers


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Programmable Controllers

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UNITRONICS (1989) (R’G) LTD E214119


Investigated to ANSI/UL 508
Add-on interface modules, “Jazz Series” Model(s) MJ20-MEM1, MJ20-MEM2, MJ20-MEM3, MJ20-PRG, MJ20-PRG-M1, MJ20-PRG-M2, MJ20-PRG-M3, MJ20-RS

Communication modules Model(s) UAC-CB-01RS2, UAC-CB-01RS4, UAC-CB-01CAN, UAC-CX-01CAN , UAC-CX-01RS2, UAC-CX-01RS4,V100-17-CAN, V100-17-ET2, V100-17-RS4, V100-17-RS4X, V200-19-ET1, V200-19-ET2, V200-19-R4, V200-19-RS4, V200-19-RS4-XV100-17-RS4X,V100-17-RS4,V100-17-ET2,V100-17-CAN,V100-17-PB1,V200-19-ET2

Expansion adapters Model(s) UAG-CX-XKPxxx, UAG-CX-XKPLxxx,UAG-XKPxxx, UAG-XKxxx, UAG-XKPLxxx, EX-A1, EX-A2X, EX-RC1

Input/output expansion modules Model(s) UID-W1616R, UIA-0800NH, UIA-0006, UIA-0402N, UIA-0402NL, UIA-0800N, UID-0016R, UID-0016RL, UID-0016T, UID-0808R, UID-0808RL, UID-0808T, UID-0808THS, UID-0808THSL, UID-0808TL, UID-1600, UIS-04PTN, UIS-08TC, UIS-WCB1, UIS-WCB2, UID-1600L, UID-W1616T, URD-0800, URB-END, URD-1600-8, URD-3200-4, URD-0400B, URD-0400C, URD-0200E, URD-0200D, URD-0201L, URD-0008CH, URD-0008CI, URD-0016CG-8, URD-0032CG-4, URD-0008NH, URD-0008NI, URD-0008SK-8, URD-0008SN-8, URD-0008SM-8,  URD-0016NG-8, URD-0032NG-4, URD-0004RH, URD-0004SK, URD-0004SM, URD-02PW,  URD-04PW, URD-02PU,  URD-0004SN, URD-0400HS, URD-04PU,  URA-0400O, URA-0800O, URA-1600O-8, URA-0400P, URA-0800P, URA-1600P-8, URA-0400T, URA-1600T-8, URA-0400U,  URA-0004J-8, URA-1600U-8, URA-0004W, URA-0008W, URA-0004X, URA-0008X, URA-0016X-8, URA-0004Y, URA-0004Z, URA-0016Z-8, URS-02LC-8, URS-04RT, URS-04TC, URS-08RT-2, URS-08TC-2, URP-PS24V, URP-C0V0V, URP-C24V24V, URP-C0V24V, URP-PDIST, URP-SHIELD, URB-END, URO-0105, URO-0106, URO-0101, URO-0102, URS-01PM, EX-D16A3-RO8L, EX-D16A3-TO16, EX-D16A3-TO16L, EX90-DI8-RO8, IO-AI1X-AO3X, IO-AI4-AO2, IO-AI4-AO2-B, IO-AI8, IO-AI8Y, IO-AO6X, IO-ATC8, IO-D16A3-RO16, IO-D16A3-RO16L, IO-D16A3-TO16, IO-D16A3-TO16L, IO-DI16, IO-DI16-L, IO-DI8-RO4, EX-D16A3-RO8, IO-DI8-RO4-L, IO-DI8-RO8, IO-DI8-RO8-L, IO-DI8-TO8, IO-DI8-TO8-L, IO-DI8ACH, IO-LC1, IO-LC3, IO-PT4, IO-PT400, IO-PT4K, IO-RO16, IO-RO16-L, IO-RO8, IO-TO16

Isolated universal converters Model(s) M90-19-R4

Programmable controllers, “Jazz Series” Model(s) JZ20-R16HS, JZ20-T18, JZ20-T18L, JZ20-T20HS,JZ10-11-PT15, JZ10-11-R10, JZ10-11-R10L, JZ10-11-R16, JZ10-11-R16L, JZ10-11-R31, JZ10-11-R31L, JZ10-11-T10, JZ10-11-T10L, JZ10-11-T17, JZ10-11-T17L, JZ10-11-T40, JZ10-11-T40L, JZ10-11-UA24, JZ10-11-UA24L, JZ10-11-UN20, JZ10-11-UN20L, JZ20-J-ZK2, JZ20-J-ZK3, JZ20-PT15, JZ20-R10, JZ20-R10L, JZ20-R16, JZ20-R16L, JZ20-R31, JZ20-R31L, JZ20-T10, JZ20-T10L, JZ20-T17, JZ20-T17L, JZ20-T40, JZ20-T40L, JZ20-UA24, JZ20-UA24L, JZ20-UN20, JZ20-UN20L

Programmable controllers Model(s) US5-B10-RA28,US5-B5-RA28, US7-B5-RA28, US5-B5-TR22, US7-B5-TR22, US5-B5-B1, US7-B5-B1, US5-B5-TA30, US7-B5-TA30, US5-B5-T24, US7-B5-T24 , US5-B5-R38, US7-B5-R38, US5-B5-T42, US7-B5-T42, US5-B10-R38, US7-B10-R38, US5-B10-T42, US7-B10-T42, US5-B10-TR22, US5-B10-B1, US5-B10-TA30, US5-B10-T24,US5-BX-TA11, US5-BX-TA12, US7-B5-R37, US7-B10-RA28, US7-B10-TR22, US7-B10-B1, US7-B10-TA30,US7-B10-T24, US10-B5-R37, USC-B3-B1, USC-B3-R38, USC-B3-RA28, USC-B3-T24, USC-B3-T42, USC-B3-TA30, USC-B3-TR22, USC-B5-B1,USC-B5-R38,USC-B5-RA28,USC-B5-T24,USC-B5-T42,USC-B5-TA30,USC-B5-TR22, USC-B10-B1, USC-B10-R38, USC-B10-RA28, USC-B10-T24, USC-B10-T42, USC-B10-TA30, USC-B10-TR22, USC-P-B10, USL-050-B05 , USL-070-B05 ,M90-19-B1A, M90-2-B1A, M90-2-R1, M90-2-R1C, M90-2-R2C, M90-2-R2LC, M90-2-T, M90-2-T1, M90-2-T1C, M90-2-TA2C, M90-2-TA3C, M90-R1, M90-R1-CAN, M90-R2-CAN, M90-R2L-CAN, M90-T, M90-T1, M90-T1-CAN, M90-TA2-CAN, M90-TA3-CAN, M91-19-4FL1, M91-19-4R1, M91-19-4R2, M91-19-4R2C, M91-19-4R6C, M91-19-4T1, M91-19-4T2C, M91-19-4TC2, M91-19-4UA2, M91-19-4UN2, M91-19-4ZK, M91-19-R1, M91-19-R2, M91-19-R2C, M91-19-R6C, M91-19-T2C, M91-19-TC2, M91-19-UN2, M91-2-FL1, M91-2-PZ1, M91-2-R1, M91-2-R2, M91-2-R2C, M91-2-R34, M91-2-R6, M91-2-R6C, M91-2-RA22, M91-2-T1, M91-2-T2C, M91-2-T38, M91-2-TC2, M91-2-UA2, M91-2-UN2, M91-2-ZK, M91-T4-FL1, M91-T4-PZ1, M91-T4-R1, M91-T4-R2, M91-T4-R2C, M91-T4-R34, M91-T4-R6, M91-T4-R6C, M91-T4-RA22, M91-T4-T1, M91-T4-T2C, M91-T4-T38, M91-T4-TC2, M91-T4-UA2, M91-T4-UN2, M91-T4-ZK, SM35-J-R20, SM70-J-T20, SM70-J-R20, SM35-J-T20, SM43-J-T20, SM43-J-R20, UAC-01RS2, UAC-02RS2, UAC-02RSC, UAC-01ECx**, USP-070-B08, USP-070-B10, USP-104-B10, USP-121-B10, USP-156-B10,V1040-ET-T20B*, V1040-T20B*, V1040-T20B-NK*, V1040-T20BJ*, V1040-T20BJ-NK*, V120-12-R1, V120-12-R2C, V120-12-R6C, V120-12-T1, V120-12-T2C, V120-12-UA2, V120-12-UN2, V120-22-R1, V120-22-R2C, V120-22-R34, V120-22-R6, V120-22-R6C, V120-22-RA22, V120-22-T1, V120-22-T2C, V120-22-T38, V120-22-UA2, V120-22-UN2, V1210-T20BJ*, V130-33-B1, V130-33-R2, V130-33-R34, V130-33-R6, V130-33-RA22, V130-33-T2, V130-33-T38, V130-33-TA24, V130-33-TR20, V130-33-TR34, V130-33-TR34L, V130-33-TR6, V130-33-TRA22, V130-33-TRA22L, V130-33-ZK1, V130-RX-T38, V130-RXC-T38, V130-T4-B1, V130-T4-R2, V130-T4-R34, V130-T4-R6, V130-T4-RA22, V130-T4-T2, V130-T4-T38, V130-T4-TA24, V130-T4-TR20, V130-T4-TR34, V130-T4-TR34L, V130-T4-TR6, V130-T4-TRA22, V130-T4-TRA22L, V130-T4-ZK1, V230-13-B20B*, V230-ET-B20B*, V260-16-B20B*, V280-18-B20B*, V290-19-B20B*, V290-19-T40B*, V350-35-B1, V350-35-R2, V350-35-R34, V350-35-R6, V350-35-RA22, V350-35-T2, V350-35-T38, V350-35-TA24, V350-35-TR20, V350-35-TR34, V350-35-TR34L, V350-35-TR6, V350-35-TRA22, V350-35-TRA22L, V350-RX-R34, V350-RXC-R34, V530-53-B20B*, V530-53-B20B-J*, V570-57-C30B, V570-57-C30B-J, V570-57-T20B*, V570-57-T20B-J*, V570-57-T40B*, V570-57-T40B-J*, V570-ET-T20B*,V700-T20BJ, V350-35-R34, V130-33-R34, ,V430-J-B1,V430-J-R2,V430-J-R34,V430-J-RA22,V430-J-RH2,V430-J-RH6,V430-J-T2,V430-J-T38,V430-J-TA24,V430-J-TR34,V430-J-TRA22,SM43-J-T20,SM43-J-TA22, SM43-J-TA22L, SM70-J-TA22, SM70-J-RA22, SM35-J-T20

Snap-in I/O modules Model(s) V200-18-E1B, V200-18-E2B, V200-18-E3B, V200-18-E3XB, V200-18-E4B, V200-18-E4XB,V200-18-E46B, V200-18-E5B, V200-18-E6B, V200-18-E6BL, V200-18-ECB, V200-18-ECXB, V200-18-ESB, SM70-J-T20, SM70-J4-R20, SM70-J-R20

* – May be followed by a three alphanumeric suffix.
** – Communication modules UAC-01ECx may contain a number in place of the suffix “x”. This number refers to the modules’s software.

NOTE – All the models may be followed by an alphanumeric suffix. This suffix is for customer designation, and may also designate that the models are installed with UL-listed communication modules.

The listed programmable controllers named may be modify by “-J” in the middle. The modifier ‘-J’, which signifies a cosmetic difference (the front panel is flat), replaces the numerals 11/33/35/57 if they appear in the controllers name.
For example, controller models named JZ10-11-R10, V130-33-T38, V350-35-T38, V570-57-T20B, V1040-T20B & JZ20-R16, will be modified to JZ10-J-R10, V130-J-T38, V350-J-T38, V570-J-T20B, V1040-J-T20B & JZ20-J-R16, respectively.

Last Updated on 2020-02-16

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