Ethernet TCP\IP: PC to Vision

In order to use a PC to access a Vision controller via Ethernet:

  1. The Vision PLC must contain an Ethernet port. Ethernet ports for V2xx Vision OPLCs are available by special order.

  2. Both the PC and PLC must be connected to an Ethernet network, and be assigned valid IP addresses; the PLC must be assigned a unique name via the Set PLC Name.

  3. The PLC must be defined in either TCP\IP's Ethernet Project Settings or in TCP\IP Favorites.

  4. In VisiLogic's Vision Communication - PC Settings:
    - Ethernet must be selected
    - the target PLC must be selected from either Favorites or TCP\IP Project Settings.

These conditions enable VisiLogic to access a PLC via Ethernet in order to download programs and carry out other tasks.

TCP/IP Project Settings

TCP/IP Favorites

Vision Communication - PC Settings--Selecting the target PLC