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UniLogic® Top Features

UniLogic Studio provides a unified environment for hardware and communication configuration, Ladder, HMI applications, and Motion.

The power of UniLogic is in its design. Built-in, context-sensitive editors enable you to write Ladder or C functions, create beautiful HMI screens and interactive web pages, instantly translate them from Italian to Chinese, easily track data and display it live or export it to Excel.

With Motion control there's minimal room for error: UniLogic analyzes mechanical properties and recommends safe values for your application. Add Axes, drag & drop actuators; UniLogic automatically converts units and automatically defines the correct configuration & sets up.

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Remote access from anywhere & anytime

Design Beautiful HMI screens

Build Once, then Reuse- Ultimate time saver

Languages: Italian to Chinese at the touch of a button

Industry 4.0 -

Web Server -
Web Pages - No HTML Required

Structs -
Tag Database
on Steroids

Speed Ladder
Programming - Plus "c" Power

Don't just take our word for it...

“After programming several other brands of PLCs, Unitronics’ software is by far the most intuitive and easily understood while providing significant functionality and quality.”

Dan Murphy, Owner of Marathon Bottling and Automation

The biggest advantage was the intuitive, integrated UniLogic® environment
for ladder and HMI programming...

Janko Risojevic, JimTim d.o.o

Slash Your Development Time by 50%!

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