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Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D.

Communication modules, Models UAC-CX-01RS4, V100-17-CAN, V100-17-ET2, V100-17-RS4, V100-17-RS4X, V200-19-ET1, V200-19-ET2, V200-19-R4, V200-19-RS4, V200-19-RS4-X.

Graphic operator panels, Models SM35-J-T20, SM43-J-T20, V1040-T20B, V120-22-T1, V120-22-T2C, V120-22-UA2, V120-22-UN2, V1210-T20B, V1210-T20BJ, V130-33-R34, V130-T4-ZK1, V230-13-B20B, V260-16-B20B, V280-18-B20B, V350-35-R34, V430-J-R34, V570-57-T20B, V570-57-T20B-J.

Input/Output expansion modules, Models UID-W1616R, UIA-0800NH, UID-0808R, UIA-0006 EX90-DI8-RO8, IO-AI4-AO2, IO-AO6X, IO-ATC8, IO-DI16, IO-DI16-L, IO-DI8-RO4, IO-DI8-RO4-L, IO-DI8-TO8, IO-DI8-TO8-L, IO-RO16, IO-RO16-L, IO-RO8, IO-RO8L, IO-TO16.

Isolated universal converters, Model M90-19-R4.

Programmable controllers, Models US7-B10-B1, US5-B10-B1, US7-B5-B1, US5-B5-B1, USP-104-B10, M90-19-B1A, M90-R1-CAN, M90-T, M90-TA2-CAN, M91-2-R1, M91-2-R2C, M91-2-R6, M91-2-R6C, M91-2-T1, M91-2-T2C, M91-2-UA2, M91-2-UN2.

Models M91-2-T2C, M91-2-UN2, M91-2-T1, M91-2-UA2, M91-2-R6, M91-2-R6C, M91-2-R1, M91-2-R2C.

Snap-in I/O modules, Models V200-18-E1B, V200-18-E2B, V200-18-E6B, V200-18-E6BL.

Expansion adapter, Models UAG-CX-XKPxxx, UAG-XKPxxx, EX-A2X.

CPU Module for Touch Screen Display Panels, Model USC-P-B10.

Touch Screen Panels, Model USP-070-B08, USP-104-B10, USP-070-B10, USP-104-M10, USP-156-B10.

IO Expansion Module, Model UIS-WCB1.

All the models mentioned above may be followed by an alphanumeric suffix. This suffix is for customer designation and may also designate that the models are installed with UL-Listed communication modules and or UL-Listed snap-on I/O modules.

The appearance of a company's name or product in this database does not in itself assure that products so identified have been manufactured under UL's Follow-Up Service. Only those products bearing the UL Mark should be considered to be Listed and covered under UL's Follow-Up Service. Always look for the Mark on the product.

The listed programmable controllers named may be modify by "-J" in the middle. The modifier ‘-J’, which signifies a cosmetic difference (the front panel is flat), replaces the numerals 11/33/35/57 if they appear in the controllers name.
For example, controller models named JZ10-11-R10, V130-33-T38, V350-35-T38, V570-57-T20B, V1040-T20B & JZ20-R16, will be modified to JZ10-J-R10, V130-J-T38, V350-J-T38, V570-J-T20B, V1040-J-T20B & JZ20-J-R16, respectively.

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