A Struct is a container of operands. The operands may be of different data types.

There are four types of Structs:


  1. Click the Struct tab on the bottom of the Operand Window.

  2. Either click the Add Struct icon, or right-click and select Add Struct.

  3. Name the Struct and click Save.

    Creating a Struct 1.

  4. Either click the Add icon or right-click the window to add members to the Struct. You can add single operands or arrays)

    Creating a Struct 2

You can declare an instance of a Struct either as a global tag, or a local tag.

  1. Right-click the Global Tag window, or the window of a function. Name the instance, then scroll down until you see the name of the desired Struct and select it.

    Declaring a Struct 1

  2. Now that the Struct is declared, you can assign Alias names to the members.

    Declaring a Struct 2

  3. You can also drill down and assign Alias names to individual members within arrays that you have included in the Struct.

    Declaring a Struct 3

Now that the Struct has been declared, it can be used in your program just like any other tag.


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